About Us

Welcome To Admiral Oil & Gas Tools LLC

Admiral Oil & Gas Tools LLC (Admiral) is a recognized manufacturer of downhole completion tools for the oil and gas industry and includes tools like Landing Nipple, Sliding Sleeve, and related production tools.

Admiral has a strong commitment to engineering and product development with many years of manufacturing experience in downhole tools for the Oil & Gas industry. Our commitment is to support valued customers by providing superior products.

Admiral has the most advanced numerically controlled machining centers available with highly trained machinists who take pride in producing quality products. Production is carried out on CNC machining stations to assure precise tolerances and consistency. Strict quality control inspections are made at all stages of manufacturing to assure our customers of the best product. The tools are assembled, and packaged at Admiral advanced manufacturing plant at Sumail Industrial City of the Sultanate of Oman.


To be a leading manufacturer of Down Hole Completion Equipment and Tools in the Middle East Region


To provide the highest quality product through its highly skilled and dedicated employees using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and facilities.

To pursue an aggressive, ongoing research and development program, thus ensuring its future as a leader in Downhole tools for the oil & gas industry.